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Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2014

PostgreSQL is YeSQL!

Date: 2014-03-20
Time: 16:45–17:35
Room: Hilton Stockholm
Level: Intermediate

PostgreSQL is that trustworthy Open Source RDBMS that is so serious it never loses nor compromise your data. It's also a very fast data access concurrency manager with batteries included, and in fact it should be considered as a developer power tool rather than a sysadmin durability and persistence service.

In this talk we will explore how and why that is the case, reviewing amazing features that you might have heard about already without connecting the dots yet: tunable durability and consistency, advanced data types and indexing, extensibility, advanced SQL with CTE, wCTE, window functions, and so much more (listen/notify, json, etc).

The aim here is to help you connect the dots and see the whole picture: PostgreSQL is YeSQL!


Dimitri Fontaine