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Welcome to PostgreSQL Europe, the "umbrella group" for PostgreSQL User Groups in Europe and for users in regions that don't have a local user group. Our goal is to promote the use of PostgreSQL in Europe. We do this primarily by assisting local user groups to promote the product locally through conferences and other advocacy, as well as running European-wide conferences and other activities.

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Nordic PGDay 2022: Nordic PGDay 2022 calls for papers and sponsors open


Having been canceled the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nordic PGDay is once again scheduled to be an in-person event for the Nordic PostgreSQL community. The format is like before: a one-day single-track event - packed with great content but in a room big enough to ensure desired social distancing.

Our call for papers is now open, accepting proposals until the end of the year. We welcome speakers from all parts of the world, all talks will be given in English. Technical details, case studies, good ideas or bad ideas -- all are good ideas for topics. …

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PostgreSQL Europe Board of Directors statement about FSF leadership


PostgreSQL Europe is strongly committed to Inclusivity, Diversity and Appropriate Conduct, as it is laid out in the PostgreSQL Code of Conduct. We highly value having a community that is free and open and where anyone regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation or identity, disability, or other personal characteristics can enjoy participating freely without fear of discrimination or harrassment. We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour in our community.

In 2019 Richard Stallman resigned from MIT and from the Board of Directors of the Free Software Foundation. This happened after a long list of well-documented incidents by Richard Stallman, which …

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PostgreSQL 2021 Board Election Results


The 2021 elections for PostgreSQL Europe are now closed, and the full results are published on the website.

The PostgreSQL Europe Board would like to welcome back Magnus Hagander who was re-elected, and Ilya Kosmodemiansky who will be joining the board.

A total of 72 people voted in the elections, representing 48% of our 150 active members (total number not adjusted for members who signed up during the elections and thus were not eligible to vote). The turnout was 2% higher than last year.

The board would like to thank Ilaria Battiston and Georgios Kokolatos who also stood for …

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Nordic PGDay 2021: Conference canceled


Due the the continuing pandemic situation in Europe and the world, Nordic PGDay 2021 has been canceled.

We will return to Helsinki in March 2022, provided the situation is better then. Please see our updated website at for updates.

We do not plan to run a virtual version of the conference. Instead, we will focus our efforts on helping out with the PostgreSQL track at FOSDEM 2022 in February.

PGConf.EU 2020: Conference canceled


After a long discussion, we have made the painful decision to cancel PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2020.

During the past weeks attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers have contacted us and asked if the conference will take place, expressing their concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. For some countries it is clear that no one can travel to Berlin in October, for others it might be possible but it is not certain at this point. Others are concerned about travelling, regardless of whether or not it is allowed. And an increasing number of companies have also announced travel bans lasting past the …

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