The following phrases are registered trademarks owned by PostgreSQL Europe, in Europe and the UK:

  • PGConf
  • PGDay
  • Postgres Conference
  • PostgreSQL Conference

PostgreSQL Europe allows these trademarks to be used in Europe and the UK at zero cost under the following conditions:

  1. The mark or marks must be used in relation to a conference or event intended to promote, educate on and generally further the PostgreSQL Database project, and the community supporting it.
  2. Events must comply with the Community Conference Recognition guidelines, as published on the PostgreSQL website.
  3. Event websites and any printed programmes, proceedings or prospectuses should include an acknowledgement of the marks used. For example; "PGConf" and "PostgreSQL Conference" are registered trademarks of PostgreSQL Europe.

Note that these trademarks are only registered in Europe and the UK (see the EUIPO FAQ for more details), and have no effect in other jurisdictions.

A notification of the use of any of the marks and the purpose would be appreciated to board(at) This will help us understand the usage of the marks and give an opportunity for further publicity and engagement around your event.

This policy may be updated at any time. In that event, a notice will be sent to the mailing list.