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Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2014

2TB of RAM ought to be enough for anybody!

Date: 2014-03-20
Time: 10:30–11:20
Room: Hilton Stockholm
Level: Beginner

Schibsted-owned online classified web site is one of the success stories of the French Web. 1/3 of the total internet population in France uses the site each month. The growth has been spectacular and swift, and was made possible by a robust and performant software platform. At the heart of the platform is a large PostgreSQL infrastructure, part of it running on some of the largest PC-class hardware available. In this presentation, we will show how we have grown our infrastructure. In particular, the amazing vertical scalability of PG will be showcased with hard numbers (IOPS, transactions/seconds, etc). We will also cover some of the hard lessons we have learned along the way, including near-disasters. Finally, we will look into how innovative features from the PostgreSQL ecosystem enable new approaches to our scalability challenge.


Renaud Bruyeron