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Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2022

Beyond Postgres - Insights about the PostgreSQL Extensibility

Date: 2022-03-22
Time: 15:10–16:00
Room: Ballroom

One of the well-known properties of PostgreSQL is that it is a pretty lightweight and extensible database. At a time when devops, virtualization and container platforms are increasingly important topics, this is a important decisive factor for choosing the right database system. To ensure this in the long term, PostgreSQL can be supplemented with additional functions using a built-in extension interface.

Unfortunately, this approach is often being discussed controversially among IT decision-makers and leads to decisions against the use of PostgreSQL as an alternative database system because the preference is usually something with all bells and whistles out-of-the-box. To prevent this a clear picture of the whole extensibility could be helpful.

This talk will explain the idea, the concepts and the technical details of extensions for PostgreSQL. Additionally for some inspiration a small example will show how to start quickly implementing extensions for your own.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Dirk Krautschick