Schedule - PGConf.DE 2023

Highly available Postgres databases in Kubernetes

Date: 2023-06-27
Time: 10:25–11:10
Room: Saal A1
Level: Intermediate

Postgres is rapidly gaining traction in Kubernetes, alongside the applications it empowers. This presents both the same challenges and opportunities we face in traditional environments, but new ones. If handled well, these all offer organizations a chance to thrive in our highly innovative world.

In this presentation I’ll share my experience with Postgres in both the traditional and cloud native worlds, and will use the CloudNativePG open source operator to demonstrate how you can achieve business continuity of Postgres databases in Kubernetes from day 0 (planning) to day 2 (production) operations.

After providing an overview of the full open source stack made up by Kubernetes, Postgres and CloudNativePG, I will go over the most common architectures in private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including recommendations for your business. I’ll then showcase the most relevant capabilities of Postgres in Kubernetes such as failover, switchover, continuous backup, point in time recovery, export of metrics, logging, auditing, security and more — all of which are reshaping and elevating the role of a DBA in organizations like yours.

As a maintainer of the CloudNativePG project, I’ll also share a peek into the future of the CloudNativePG open source operator.


Gabriele Bartolini