Schedule - PGConf.DE 2024

Optimizing Your Cloud-Based PostgreSQL Setup: A Guide to PaaS Best Practices and Common Pitfalls

Date: 2024-04-12
Time: 14:40–15:25
Room: Ballsaal 2
Level: Intermediate

Navigating the complexities of a managed PostgreSQL instance on the cloud can often appear overwhelming, especially with the plethora of options and configurations available. As more organizations shift towards Platform as a Service (PaaS) for their database needs, understanding key best practices becomes imperative. This talk is aimed at demystifying the dos and don'ts of running a PostgreSQL instance in a PaaS model, with particular attention to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server.

What You Will Learn:

  1. What is Managed PostgreSQL (PaaS): An overview of what it means to operate a PostgreSQL database in a PaaS environment, highlighting the pros and cons.

  2. Latency Concerns: The importance of application and database co-location in the same region and availability zone to minimize latency.

  3. Logging Limitations: The potential performance drawbacks of indiscriminate logging and guidance on what to log and what to skip.

  4. Choosing the Right SKU: Understanding the implications of your SKU selection and how it can impact scalability and operations in the future.

  5. Operating Without Superuser: Understand why superuser access is restricted in PaaS environments and learn how to effectively manage your database operations without it.

Although the case studies and examples will focus on Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server, the principles and recommendations are applicable across other cloud providers.

Whether you’re a database administrator, developer, or someone curious about managed PostgreSQL databases, this talk aims to provide you with practical advice for maintaining an effective and efficient PaaS database environment.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Alicja Kucharczyk