Schedule - PGConf.DE 2024

Gianni Ciolli & Torsten Steinbach

Company: EDB

Gianni Ciolli is VP and Field CTO at EDB and a well-known PostgreSQL consultant with a successful track record of enterprise deployments globally. He is also a respected speaker and trainer, having presented at various PostgreSQL conferences for the past 14 years, and an active member of the open-source community since the 1990s.

Torsten Steinbach is the Chief Architect for Analytics, ML and AI at EDB. He is responsible for the architecture and design to uplift Postgres towards a platform for analytics and AI workloads, in order to drive an integrated Data Lakehouse functionality and an end-to-end Generative AI data management in-database. Torsten previously held senior positions in engineering of cloud, database and analytics technology at IBM for over two decades.