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Photo of Dirk Krautschick

Dirk Krautschick

Company: Aiven
Twitter: @d33_k4y

Dirk Krautchick has been working as a solution architect at Aiven since November 2023. As a qualified computer scientist, he was the responsible database administrator and quality support engineer for a manufacturer of optimization software in the aviation sector for 9 years, where he built up his know-how in operating PostgreSQL or Oracle databases and application servers. In 2017 he decided to use his fascination for database technologies and his skills as a consultant in - among others - the financial and energy sector to continually deepen them. During this dynamic times, the enthusiasm and fascination for open source from the student time returned and became priority for him. Without losing the acquired Oracle database know-how PostgreSQL as a primary topic was expanded in terms of content, teams were recruited, customers were trained and targeted projects were carried out. In addition to many architectural consulting and performance tuning projects also migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL are often the content of such projects. In order to implement the open source and PostgreSQL strategy even more aggressively, without losing focus on the technology a move technical sales in 2022 was inevitable - first as a sales engineer at EnterpriseDB and now as a solution architect at Aiven.