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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2018

Postgres as your new Dev Stack

Date: 2018-10-24
Time: 14:00–14:50
Room: Casablanca
Level: Intermediate

Postgres ist so much more than a lovely SQL database.

In this talk I'd like to show how you can work with, on and in Postgres as a developer - with and beyond traditional SQL queries.

Postgres offers a whole range of features, interfaces, abstractions and functions to be used (creatively) as a developer. On top of that, a lot of built-in functions of Postgres could be viewed as handy libraries - for example date-time handling, fulltext search or ranges and series and of course several formats like json, xml and csv. Almost everybody is making use of these features one way or another, so let's take a more developer-centric look on what you can do with Postgres:

Did you know that you could make Postgres into your new API of sorts? How much use are you making of home-made extensions? How about generating charts directly from Postgres? Would you like to fill your Postgres from another data source? Why not have your own set of specialized functions for whatever domain you're using Postgres? And, why not make creative use of psql to automate all kinds of things? Or would you rather have a nice notification system? Do you like generating tables on the fly to work on a handy subset of your (bigger) data store?

I'd like to show with little examples what you can do to make Postgres your new Dev Stack with the help of many awesome Postgres features:

  • Traditional functions/stored procedures
  • Triggers
  • (Materialized) Views
  • The foreign data wrapper
  • Extensions
  • Listen/Notify
  • Unit Tests
  • Several different programming languages instead of PL/PgSQL

Postgres is anything but you average run-of-the-mill database to "just" store your data in and can do so much more. I'd like to show you how to fully embrace Postgres as your new Dev Stack. :)


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Susanne Schmidt