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Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2019

From full-time onsite DBA to remote expertise. A journey in effective PostgreSQL support

Date: 2019-10-16
Time: 13:00 - 13:50
Room: Parini
Level: Beginner

With bigger adoption of PostgreSQL worldwide, the needs for expertise has increased. However, newcomers wouldn’t accept the idea of having a bad start, or worse, having to turn back to the old technology, because of lack of PostgreSQL expertise. What’s more the increased need for high profiles enforces the idea of a lack of candidates.

How can we prevent the adoption of PostgreSQL to be stopped by the apparent impossibility to find expertise? We can, for instance, wonder if enterprises do really need a full time expert on-site. It is actually possible to work with experts outside the enterprise.

Referring to our consultancy experience, we will show during this talk that a project may be successful despite the expert not being full time on-site. We will also discuss solutions to help teams successfully increase their PostgreSQL skills while the lack of PostgreSQL candidates is a reality.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Stéphane Schildknecht