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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2023

Photo of Arda Aytekin

Arda Aytekin

Company: Microsoft

Arda works as a senior software engineer at Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Microsoft. As part of the PostgreSQL extensions team, he is taking an active role in the AI/ML-related efforts on and around the database. Prior to joining Azure Database for PostgreSQL, he worked as a data and applied scientist at Microsoft and Ericsson, and he specializes on the application of ML algorithms such as forecasting, regression, and reinforcement learning, as well as the interpretable AI techniques, by using open-source and cloud-native technologies. He holds a Ph.D. on asynchronous first-order algorithms for large-scale optimization problems, and he has hands-on experience in various computing platforms that range from low-power embedded devices to supercomputers and cloud-based solutions. He is an open-source enthusiast, and he is a "day-time developer, night-time #nerd."