Association PostgreSQL Europe
13 rue du Square Carpeaux
75018 PARIS

People attending the meeting

  • Andreas Wenk (awenkhh)
  • Ari Heikkinen (heiari)
  • Christoph Moench-Tegeder (cmt_)
  • Claes (claes)
  • Daniel Gustafsson (dege)
  • Danilo Endesfelder (Danilo_E)
  • Dave Page (pgsnake)
  • Devrim Gündüz (devrimgunduz)
  • Eric Veldhuyzen ([Terra])
  • Gianni Ciolli (gciolli)
  • Guillaume Lelarge (gleu)
  • Gunnar "Nick" Bluth (nickbuth)
  • Hannu Valtonen (Ormod_)
  • Harald Armin Massa (ghum)
  • Jean-Paul Argudo (jpa)
  • Jimmy Angelakos (vyruss)
  • Johannes Graën (gio)
  • Julien Rouhaud (rjuju)
  • Jürgen (juergen)
  • Magnus Hagander (mha)
  • Marco Nenciarini (mnencia)
  • Markus Wanner (markus_wanner)
  • Mathias Brossard (mathiasb77)
  • Michael Kefeder (htd)
  • Patryk Kordylewski (patryk)
  • Pavel Golub (pavlo)
  • Robert Ivens (Possible)
  • Stéphane Schildknecht (SAS)
  • Svenne Krap (svenneK)
  • Tobias Bussmann (TobiasBussmann)
  • Vik Fearing (xocolatl)
  • Virginie (vijourdan)

The first GA, which happened on January, 18th, 2016, didn't meet the quorum. These minutes is for the second GA meeting. As such, no quorum is needed. Thus, the meeting is valid.

Guillaume Lelarge is the president and secretary of the GA meeting.

Meeting starts at 21:02 (2016-01-25), on the IRC network freenode.net, channel #pgeu-ga2016-2. Language is english, the report is available in english and french.

The agenda is:

  • activities report for 2015,
  • financial report for 2015,
  • 2016 potential activities.

Activities report

Dave Page gave a brief summarization of the Activities report.

Several questions were asked:

  • Does PGEU finance the developer meeting for senior PostgreSQL hackers? Does PGEU need sponsoring for this?
    • Yes, we're financing it. No, we don't need sponsorship. It's a very small additional cost compared to running the conference.
  • Is pgconf.eu 2016's location secret at the moment?
    • Yes, we're expecting to reveal it during FOSDEM if the contract has been signed.

Votes: 29 voted Yes out of 30 present in the channel. The last one didn't vote.

Thus, the activities report is approved.

Financial report

Guillaume Lelarge gave a brief summarization of the Financial report.

Several questions were asked:

  • What is the "Financial" item on the list?
    • Banking fees and alike
  • I do not see any expenses for the tax guys?
    • No contract yet, so no expenses. But yes, we do expect to have a cost for that showing up for next year. We don't know yet exactly how much.
  • Anyone got an idea what french accountants charge?
    • No, we'll see when we get a quote.

Votes: 29 voted Yes out of 30 present in the channel. The last one didn't vote.

Thus, the financial report is approved.

Next year's activities

Magnus Hagander gave a brief summarization of next year's activities (see the Activities report).

Vik Fearing said that a pgday.paris event is probably on its way (nothing finalized yet).

We already have several events scheduled.

One question was asked:

  • Was pgconf.eu this year particularly expensive/cheaper compared to the average cost of a similar event in the EU?
    • It was significantly more expensive, Vienna is by far the most expensive city we've ever been to. We try very hard to find good venues that have easy access to the city, but are not overly expensive. We're at a size where it's actually very difficult.
  • My understanding is that the ticket prices are raised to the occasion so we approximately break even, correct?
    • Correct, we try to adjust ticket prices and sponsor prices with that target.
  • Does the board plan or think about investing in other areas, like marketing or others?
    • Other than goodies, we have no direct plans for marketing efforts. However, we are very much open to suggestions and projects that others want to take on, and are happy to work to provide funding and help around that.
  • What about the code of conduct topic? is this something pg.eu does, or is it more the pg core team or some other group?
    • PGEU has a code of conduct for its events. The general code of conduct currently on pgsql-general has nothing to do with PGEU. We could consider having one for pgeu-general mailinglist, but in that case I'd say it's easier to just adopt whatever the "main project" comes up with and be done.

No votes.

Meeting ends at 21:53.

  • Magnus Hagander, President
  • Guillaume Lelarge, Treasurer