2020 General Assembly - Activities report

What has been done


See the Financial report, section "Activities".

2019 Events

2019 saw a large number of events which were either organized by, or with the support from PostgreSQL Europe. In total, we had 1200 registered attendees at this year's events which we are very happy about.


The 7th annual one-track PGDay just before FOSDEM is still a successful and well established event with 142 attendees. During FOSDEM, we had lots of interest at our booth. As usual, our devroom ended up completely full with far from everyone who wanted to attend being able to get in.

Nordic PGDay

The sixth iteration of Nordic PGDay followed the same concept as the four previous years, a single-day single-track conference. In 2019, it was held in Copenhagen, Denmark with 130 attendees.

pgDay Paris

The fourth iteration of PGDay Paris supported by PostgreSQL Europe followed the well proven one-day one-track model and attracted 176 attendees.


PGConf.DE this year was in Leipzig. The conference had 192 attendees and got very positive feedback.


PGConf.EU broke its attendance record once again. The conference, which was held in Milan, Italy, had 560 attendees.

2020 Events

We are in the middle of 2020, and the situation for events around the world is not looking good.

PostgreSQL Europe held the regular FOSDEM PGDay in Brussels, with 124 attendees.

All other events in the spring, Nordic PGDay, pgDay.paris and PGConf.DE have been canceled due to COVID-19, along with many other PostgreSQL events around.

We still hope to be able to run PGConf.EU in Berlin in October, but a firm decision will have to be made much closer to the event.

Upcoming events

As mentioned, PGConf.EU will hopefully be back this autumn in Berlin, Germany.

As always, we invite our members who are interested in working on a regional PGDay to contact us if we can be of any assistance at all, whether just in answering questions, or through organisational or financial aid. More information can be found at https://www.postgresql.eu/events/.


New board member

We welcome Lætitia Avrot as our new board member. Her position is Treasurer.

We'd like to thank Guillaume Lelarge for many years of hard work as PostgreSQL Europe Treasurer.

Ongoing work

New address

We are working to change our address for snail mail. We actually end up getting the mail quite late, and it can be quite inconvenient. So we're trying to find a French company to get our mail and send it to us on a timely fashion. We're looking for a French company because we need an address in France as that is the country in which we are registered.

Tax representatives

We still have major issues on foreign taxes. A solution might be to get tax representatives in foreign countries. We are working on this to resolve this issue.