2021 General Assembly - Activities report

What has been done


See the Financial report, section "Activities".

2020 Events

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 the only events arranged were FOSDEM PGDay and the FOSDEM Devroom. All other events were canceled or postponed.


The 8th annual one-track PGDay just before FOSDEM was still a successful and well established event with 124 attendees. During FOSDEM, we had lots of interest at our booth. As usual, our devroom ended up completely full with far from everyone who wanted to attend being able to get in.

2021 Events

PostgreSQL Europe have held no events so far in 2021, and expect to hold no events for the rest of the year. We participated in the online FOSDEM devroom, but did not hold a separate PGDay, virtual or otherwise this year.

2022 events

At this point, all upcoming events are uncertain. We hope to be able to hold at least a Nordic PGDay and a pgDay.Paris in the spring of 2022, and that PGConf.EU will be able to make a return after summer.


New board member

We welcome Ilya Kosmodemiansky as a new board member. His position is Vice Treasurer.

We'd like to thank Julien Rouhaud for his work as Vice Treasurer.

Ongoing work

New address

The work to find a new address to make it easier to contact us is still ongoing.

Tax representatives

We still have major issues on foreign taxes. A solution might be to get tax representatives in foreign countries. We are still working on this to resolve this issue.

Trademark disputes

As has been mentioned in the EGA, there have been ongoing work to defend the trademarks that we hold, together with PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada. This work is still ongoing.