2022 General Assembly - Activities report

What has been done

The 2022 GA report primarily covers activities during 2021, but will also mention some happenings during 2022.


See the Financial report, section "Activities".

2021 Events

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 no in-person events were held. PostgreSQL Europe participated, as usual, in the virtual FOSDEM event.


While the separate PGDay was canceled, PostgreSQL Europe participated virtually in FOSDEM with a virtual devroom. Plenty of interest was seen, but it's of course not the same as the full in-person event.

2022 Events

2022 started with once again participating in the virtual FOSDEM event. After that we saw a return of many of our regular events, such as Nordic PGDay, pgDay Paris, PGConf.DE, and finally also PGConf.EU. Full details will be provided in the upcoming 2022 report.

2023 events

The current pattern shows most events returning in 2023. We will have a PGDay before FOSDEM and a Devroom during the main event. Nordic PGDay, pgDay Paris and PGConf.DE will also return. And finally, while we do not yet have dates or location, we are working hard to make sure we can hold a PGConf.EU in the fall as well.


New board member

As previously mentioned, Ilya Kosmodemiansky was voted in as a board member in the 2021 elections. His position is Vice Treasurer.

In the 2022 elections, there was a tie between Andreas Scherbaum and Pavlo Golub. Per the statutes, a second election was held and in this election Andreas Scherbaum won by one vote, and remains on the board.

Ongoing work

New address

The work to find a new address to make it easier to contact us is still ongoing.

Tax representatives

We still have major issues on foreign taxes. A solution might be to get tax representatives in foreign countries. We are still working on this to resolve this issue.

Trademark disputes

Our trademark defense process is still in progress, together with the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada. Some important steps have gone in our direction, but the process is still ongoing.