Schedule - PGConf.DE 2020

PGIO, pg_hint_plan, pgSentinel to troubleshoot PostgreSQL application performance

Date: 2020-05-15
Time: 14:40–15:25
Room: Room 2

Coming to PostgreSQL after years of Oracle performance tuning, I realize that I approach PostgreSQL with tools and methods that are different from what a 'native' postgres DBA will start with. What made my job easier on Oracle is also available, and free, for PostgreSQL:

  • PGIO can be more appropriate than pgbench when analyzing the raw platform performance
  • pgSentinel, with its ASH sampling approach, is more focused at the root cause than statistics and ratios
  • pg_hint_plan has its use when trying to understand the query planner decisions

All those tools with why/how/when explanations and live demo.


Franck Pachot