Schedule - PGConf.DE 2020

PostgreSQL and ORACLE architecture — in comparison

Date: 2020-05-15
Time: 10:25–11:10
Room: Room 2

This talk will review the following components of the PostgreSQL DBMS, comparing architecture decisions with those of ORACLE DBMS:

  1. What is working DBMS instance, which processes are there and what DBMS uses them for?
  2. Which structures DBMS manages?
  3. Durability mechanics.
  4. MVCC design and database restoration possibilities
  5. Storing data on the physical media

Comparison will be done side-by-side.

Talk will be interesting for: - PostgreSQL users, as it will allow to have a look on other DBMS; - PostgreSQL administrators, as ORACLE provides huge administrative possibilities, which could be adopted also in the PostgreSQL; - those willing to migrate from ORACLE (or any other DBMS) into the Open-Source-based projects, as this talk will show the features of the open-source DBMS PostgreSQL in comparison with a commercial product. And Postgres looks very strong indeed!


Victor Yegorov