Schedule - PGConf.DE 2023

3 practical strategies to transform PROD data into DEV data

Date: 2023-06-27
Time: 13:45–14:30
Room: Saal B
Level: Intermediate

It's very scary and sketchy to develop on the production database, so a development database is required. What should we put in it? Synthetic (fake) data is the easiest solution, but can be impossible to make realistic enough, and some bugs would be hard to reproduce quickly. Putting real production data is as realistic as it gets, but comes with big security and performance issues. What if we could put production data, but anonymize / obfuscate it enough it a nice way, so it's safe to use? In this practical presentation, I'll share the 3 strategies we have used at Centaur to extract production data to fabricate our development databases, and the various obfuscation methods we used to keep everything safe but still helpful for developers.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Remi Cura