Schedule - PGConf.DE 2023

Photo of Remi Cura

Remi Cura

Company: Centaur Labs

Postgres and PostGIS power user since 2012. During my PhD, I pushed the envelop of Postgis and postgis-topology to build a Paris-scale in-database street generator (Streetgen: 200k street segments), and developed method to store (billions of points from various sources, process (in-base and out of base classification/shape extraction, curve fitting, road network reconstruction...) and visualize (indexing, LOD) massive point cloud in postgres. I then used postgres and postgis to model historical mapping and addressing data in a fuzzy spatial and temporal way during a postdoc at Paris School of Economics. I pushed the boundary on fuzzy record matching in postgres at MIT where I built a massive database of money in US politics for the Lobbyview project (millions of entities). Recently, I have been using PostGIS to store medical image annotations, and making creative uses of several advanced Postgres features to build the Centaur Labs main database as well as building a SQL functions API to simplify the life of our DB and many backends.