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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2019

Photo of Valeria  Kaplan

Valeria Kaplan

Company: Data Egret

I am a Marketing Director at Data Egret, a consultancy specializing in PostgreSQL migration, maintenance and support. Although, it is my official title, first and foremost, I see myself as communicator and connector.

During my career, I’ve been privileged to have worked with a variety of people across different industries, from academics in non-profit scientific organizations to clinicians, marketers and data scientists in pharmaceutical industry.

I am also a keen traveler, I speak several languages, lived in four countries and visited over 20. I’ve met people from diverse backgrounds and with different interests.

What I’ve learned through these experiences is that, although we have differences in our world view, our day-to-day needs and perception of each other and ourselves, what unites us is the need to connect and communicate. In my view, this is what true, genuine marketing is all about.

In an open-source community we are all marketers who share the responsibility to sustain PostgreSQL in a long term. I hope by sharing my experience and knowledge I will be able to inspire new ways of communication that will foster PostgreSQL community growth and the database development.