Conference canceled

2020-07-10 20:55:22+00:00 by Magnus Hagander

After a long discussion, we have made the painful decision to cancel PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2020.

During the past weeks attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers have contacted us and asked if the conference will take place, expressing their concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. For some countries it is clear that no one can travel to Berlin in October, for others it might be possible but it is not certain at this point. Others are concerned about travelling, regardless of whether or not it is allowed. And an increasing number of companies have also announced travel bans lasting past the conference. In the end, there is simply too much uncertainty and risk involved in hosting an event of this size in October.

In accordance with our COVID policy, all sponsorships will be refunded. As no attendees had registered yet, there will be no attendee refunds necessary.

As we have previously announced, PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2020 will not be transformed into a virtual conference. We are looking into the feasibility of hosting a virtual event in its place, with a different name, sponsorship opportunities, and format. Details will be announced as soon as we are in a position to do so, if applicable.

We are sad to have to do this, but hope to see you again at our next event in 2021! We will update everybody as soon as we have more information about this!