Schedule - PGDay.EU 2010

Advanced PostGIS: tips and techniques for power users (registration required!)

Date: 2010-12-08
Time: 13:30–17:00
Room: Berlin 1

While PostGIS is often used as a spatial database within an open-source geospatial framework, very few people are aware of the full power of the underlying SQL API.

This course is intended for existing PostGIS users who are already familiar with using PostGIS as a geodatabase, and are looking to enhance their applications with advanced spatial processing techniques.

Beginning with simple SQL statements, the course shows how some of the advanced PostGIS processing functions can be used to dynamically generate geometric query results that can be viewed using any of the standard open-source GIS applications or used for further processing.

Once these basic principles are understood, further, more complex SQL examples are given showing how to unleash the full power of the PostGIS API for the spatial processing of large datasets, including tips and tricks for optimising query performance.

NOTE: it is expected that course attendees will already be familiar with basic PostGIS usage and have a working knowledge of SQL.


Mark Cave-Ayland