Schedule - PGDay.EU 2010

How PostgreSQL 9 Makes Web Architecture Sweeter

Date: 2010-12-07
Time: 11:35–12:20
Room: Berlin 1+2

The new features available in PostgreSQL 9, especially hot standby and streaming replication, open up new possibilities for designing high-performance web applications. Some examples are running heavy analytical queries on a read-only slave production database, or diverting read-only traffic to a slave database to help improve web response time. We can even perform heavy database maintenance on our primary server while keeping a read-only version of the site available, thus minimizing downtime. In this talk, I will discuss a few ways a production environment can be setup with PostgreSQL 9 to enable better performance on web applications while not distorting the development environment. Additionally, I will demonstrate some other tools that can be used in conjunction with PostgreSQL 9 features, including Sphinx, a full-text indexing engine with an easy to use interface for web developers, that require a hot-standby database to maximize performance on all fronts.


Jonathan S. Katz