Schedule - PGDay.EU 2010

Photo of Tim Bunce

Tim Bunce

Company: TigerLead

Tim Bunce is best known as the author and maintainer of the Perl DBI database interface module and the Devel::NYTProf perl source code profiler.

He has contributed to the development of the Perl language and many of its core modules since 1994, and was responsible for the Perl 5.4.x series of maintenance releases. His other Perl modules include Memcached::libmemcached, the fastest Perl interface to memcached, DashProfiler, JDBC, Oracle::OCI and DBD::Oracle. He is co-author, along with Alligator Descartes, of Programming the Perl DBI, the definitive book on DBI, published by O'Reilly Media. As the founder and CTO of Data-Plan Services, he provides Perl, database, performance, and scaling consultancy services to an international client base. A popular and effective speaker, he has delivered tutorials and sessions for many years at OSCON and other conferences and workshops.