Schedule - pgDay Paris 2020

Stéphane Faroult

Company: Amundi

I spent more than 25 years as a database consultant, helping big companies with database performance issues. I shared my experience in three SQL books, "The Art of SQL" (O'Reilly), "SQL Refactoring" (O'Reilly) and "SQL Success" (RoughSea). Communication wasn't limited to books, as I also spoke at (mostly Oracle) conferences in Europe and in the US, gave seminars in Asia and Europe, and posted video tutorials on YouTube. My pleasure at sharing technical knowledge led more recently - in the past five years - to a new career as a college instructor, and I have taught (so far) in colleges in France, in Canada, in the US and in China - using mostly SQLite and PostgreSQL for database courses. Now I'm back in the trenches in the financial sector.