2017 General Assembly - Financial report


Accounts 2016-01-01 2016-12-31 Difference
Crédit Mutuel checking account 38,705.77 77,418.89 38,713.12
Crédit Mutuel saving account 60,740.61 61,284.35 543.74
Paypal account 6,399.41 7,785.42 1,386.01
Adyen account 500.00 500.00 0.00
Pending creditcard payments 256.45 256.45 0.00
Total 106,602.24 147,245.11 40,642.87

The full balance report is also available.

While the overall goal of PostgreSQL Europe is to break even, we did in 2016 see the biggest net gain since the start of operation. This is mostly due to a lower cost level in Estonia for PGConf.EU and a still big number of sponsors.

Major items


The savings account which acts as a buffer to cover unexpected costs has not been used during 2016 since all events have generated satisfactory financial results (exceeding or hitting budget) due to good sponsor incomes. The only transaction during 2016 was an interest income of 543.74€. As the events grow larger - PGConf.EU 2016 was our biggest event to date - and the number of events increase, the importance of this buffer remains.

Our administrative backend software which powers both our financial reporting as well as the events was again further improved ensuring safe operation of our events.

According to the french tax agency, we are required to pay taxes. We are working hard with the accountant firm to see how much we have to pay. Work is ongoing for 2016. We dont know yet how much, so this financial report is a partial report.

The French tax agency has also decided to require that we are VAT registered.

Merchandise sales are increasing year over year with 2016 being no exception. In total, sales were up 9% from 2015 reaching a total of 5,065.26€.

Donations were much higher than last year, thanks to the book royalties.


Important items are summarized here, but the full results report is also available.

Items Income Expenses Final results
Membership 600.00 0 600.00
Donations 5,631.30 0.00 5,631.30
Conferences 173,969.00 -128,609.49 45,359.51
Merchandise 5,065.26 -7,182.31 -2,117.05
Financial 543,74 -2,811.90 -2,268.16
Insurance 0.00 -553.68 -553.68
Taxes 0.00 pending pending
Other 0.00 -4,987.57 -4,987.57
Total 41,664.35

Once again, we gain a lot this year because of a cheaper location, and bigger events. The amount of taxes is yet to be determined.

The financial results for our events can be seen broken down per conference in the table below.

Event Income Expenses Final results
FOSDEM/PGDay 2016 5,370.00 776.07 4,593.93
Nordic PGDay 2016 7,920.00 9,671.05 -1,751.05
PGDay Paris 2016 6,070.00 2,169.56 3,900.44
PGConf.EU 2016 155,629.00 108,329.46 47,299.54

FOSDEM, Nordic PGDay, and PGConf.EU 2016 are events held early in the year and thus have transactions on both this and next year's report. Complete sums for FOSDEM 2016 as well as Nordic PGDay 2016 are listed below broken down per year.

Final Result 2015 -8,763.69
Final Result 2016 4,593.93
Total -4,169.76
Nordic PGDay 2016
Final Result 2015 2,400.00
Final Result 2016 -1,751.05
Total 648.95
PGConf.EU 2016
Final Result 2015 -565.50
Final Result 2016 47,299.54
Total 46,734.04