Schedule - PGConf.DE 2015

Tis but a scratch!

Date: 2015-11-27
Time: 11:55–12:40
Room: Seiler
Level: Intermediate

or: "Why you heff to be mad not to use Postgres"

Us, being used to working with the most advanced open source database, sometimes forget how advanced it just is.

At $DAYJOB in a major german bank, I am exposed to some real-life, organically grown data sources, and have to work on them using an "Enterprise class" RDBMS (the top 2 or 3 depending on who you ask). And every now and then (actually, everytime we hit something that is slightly challenging), one can see me hopping towards my workmates, arms crossed behind my back and furiously threatening to kick them... (now google the talk's title ;-).

I'll show some of the examples where that "Enterprise" RDBMS (and others as well) just fails terribly on everyday tasks that PostgreSQL shines at.

The talk is not about bashing those commercial RDBMS (of course not! ;-), but - first of all will hopefully be amusing - reminds you what you left behind (if you already did) - reassure you that you advocate an RDBMS that really, seriously kicks ass (if you're still trying to leave those others behind) - maybe sports an idea or two on how to deal with your data, elegantly


Gunnar "Nick" Bluth