Event services

As part of our work on the annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, we have real-world experience on how to set up and run events. We have built a web application that helps us to work quickly with registrations, talk submissions, sponsors, and more. We offer that to any community organisation who wants to build an event around PostgreSQL. We regret we're unable to assist with events organised solely by a single PostgreSQL commercial organisation.

For legal reasons any events that we provide support for must publicly acknowledge our support (typically on their website), and must be considered to be "organised by PostgreSQL Europe".

We have many ways to help. First one is with our event webapp. It can deal with:

  • registrations,
  • sponsor registration, and benefit management,
  • sessions (proposals, votes),
  • schedule,
  • payments (sponsors and attendees, discount code, batch payments are available), and invoices,
  • feedback,
  • reporting and statistics.

Due to their legal nature, our partnership contracts must be used. They've been hand written in Plain English and reviewed by a lawyer. A few edits will be needed to put the event's name, days, location, and state sponsor costs and benefits. All changes must be agreed to by the PostgreSQL Europe Board.

PostgreSQL Europe requires that the organization complies with these rules:

  • the organization should supply a working budget
    • we expect the event to break even, or make a modest profit,
  • the talk committee should be fully disclosed on its website,
  • no company should have 50% or more members on the talk committee,
  • all members on the talk committee have an equal vote,
  • the organisation must not sign any legal agreements or similar paperwork with the exception of delivery receipts from couriers etc.
    • any such paperwork must be signed by an authorised officer of PostgreSQL Europe.