PostgreSQL 2021 Board Election Results

2021-02-16 00:00:00 by Dave Page

The 2021 elections for PostgreSQL Europe are now closed, and the full results are published on the website.

The PostgreSQL Europe Board would like to welcome back Magnus Hagander who was re-elected, and Ilya Kosmodemiansky who will be joining the board.

A total of 72 people voted in the elections, representing 48% of our 150 active members (total number not adjusted for members who signed up during the elections and thus were not eligible to vote). The turnout was 2% higher than last year.

The board would like to thank Ilaria Battiston and Georgios Kokolatos who also stood for election, our membership for taking the time to vote, and last but not least, Julien Rouhaud who is standing down after serving on the board for the last two years.

The board now consists of:

  • Magnus Hagander
  • Dave Page
  • Lætitia Avrot
  • Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum
  • Ilya Kosmodemiansky

If you have any further questions around this, please feel free to contact the board.