PostgreSQL Europe Community User Group Recognition Guidelines

2019-03-29 13:00:00 by Andreas Scherbaum

Over the past months, a great number of PostgreSQL User Groups and Meetups showed up all over Europe. It’s good to see that interest in PostgreSQL is growing!

Some of the user groups approached the PostgreSQL Europe board, and asked for support. Mostly for swag, but also for sending speakers, or other kind of support. We are happy to help!

In order to handle all of these requests, the PostgreSQL Europe board created a set of guidelines for user group meetings. The current version can be found on the PostgreSQL Europe website, under “Community”, and then “Community User Group Recognition Guidelines”. User groups which approach the PostgreSQL Europe board for support are expected to comply by these guidelines. Every user group is self-certified under these guidelines. If you have reason to believe that a self-certified status for a user group is not correct, please contact the PostgreSQL Europe board under “Contact”.